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Taking a planned day off

These are the easiest to request.  If you are caught up with your work and you want to take a vacation or personal day, it is as easy as asking for it.

"Can I use a vacation day this Friday?"
"Will it be ok if I use a personal day this Thursday?"
"I have to catch up on a lot of errands, so can I use a vacation day on Monday?"
"My parents are coming into town.  Can I take Thursday and Friday off?"

"I would like to use my vacation days for the first week of June.  Will that be ok?"
"Will it be ok if I take the last week of July off?"
"Can I schedule a vacation for the second week of August?"
"I was wondering if I can take a vacation.  Can I take the first two weeks off in September?"

Remember that asking for a vacation all depends on the office policies.  Some companies do not like an employee taking all their vacation days at once.  However, some places are more lenient and allow long vacation days.  Before asking for long vacation days, you should first see what other employees are doing.

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